Are Ragdoll Cats Indoor Cats? (READ THIS FIRST)

Are Ragdoll Cats Indoor Cats

One of the main characteristics of Ragdoll cats is that they are intended to live indoors solely and are not used to being outside.

In fact, a lot of breeders of Ragdoll cats demand contracts from adopters stipulating that the cats won’t be let outside.

Are Ragdoll Cats Indoor Cats?

Ragdoll cats were bred and developed to be inside cats, hence they are indoor cats.

Many of the characteristics of an outdoor cat have been bred out of ragdolls.

They frequently have a high level of confidence in everyone, which puts them in danger.

They are not extremely street-smart and exhibit very little hostility.

Why Is a Ragdoll an Indoor Cat?

They cannot be outdoor cats because they lack the instincts that other cats have, and their natures are not conducive to living outside.

They lack the will to fight and are unable to adequately defend themselves. They are readily stolen or misplaced.

Ragdolls Should Not Be Left Outside

Ragdolls may be quite dangerous to be around outside since all of their hostility has been bred out of them and because of how laid-back and friendly they are.

Because Ragdoll cats are so amiable, they are unable to comprehend why other cats could not be equally amiable or tolerant of them.

As a result, when they approach other fish in an attempt to be nice, they are attacked.

They’re not likely to stand up for themselves. They just aren’t strong fighters and are too passive.

They Were Raised to Be Laid-Back and Suited to an Indoor Lifestyle

Ragdolls just came into being in the 1960s. A woman by the name of Anne Baker raised them at that time in California, America.

She selected cats with gentle personalities and crossed them with other cats to produce the Ragdoll, a new breed of cat.

They are called puppy cats because of their puppy-like behavior and are gentle, affectionate cats who follow you around the home.

Ragdoll cats are far too naive to be let outside by themselves. They enjoy humans and will approach anyone.

They might get themselves into trouble because they are unable to see that some individuals are simply truly unpleasant and vicious.

The Cost of Ragdoll Cats Is High

The cost of a real purebred Ragdoll cat can run into the hundreds.

The owner is therefore unlikely to want to take a chance on losing their cat in case it runs away and gets lost or is stolen.

Ragdolls Aren’t Very Good Jumpers or Hunters

It appears that there is considerable disagreement over whether or not ragdolls can hunt.

They definitely like chasing flies and other insects, but whether they can hunt is another story.

It is quite likely that your ragdoll has been taught how to hunt because all cats are taught to hunt by their mothers.

They aren’t the most accurate cats, though.

Ragdolls have a harder time jumping, which reduces their chances of fleeing if they are being pursued.

Over the years, many of these impulses have been bred out of them.

They cannot protect themselves as effectively as regular cats, thus they cannot be left outside alone.

They Have No Sense of Traffic

A Ragdoll cat has little understanding of traffic.

Because they have never encountered traffic, or perhaps it’s just in their character, this might be in part the reason.

Your Ragdoll Faces a Real Threat from Theft

Due to their stunning appearance and high purchase price, Ragdoll cats are particularly vulnerable to theft by dishonest persons.

Even having a chip won’t protect them from this, and it will still be incredibly challenging for you to get them back.

They won’t be stopped by the fact that they won’t have any papers.

There have been reports of individuals having their pets taken from their secure yards.

Simply because of this, Ragdoll cats must live inside.

Their Fur Is Really Long

Additionally, ragdolls have a gorgeous long fur coats. Which, although stunning, requires a lot of upkeep.

Being outside will cause it to collect sticky buds and other objects, or it will just become more twisted and unclean.

Despite the claim that they are less prone to matting, their long hair may still become tangled and injured rather readily.

Why Is My Ragdoll Cat Not Allowed Outside?

There are several threats to ragdoll cats in the outer world.

Many felines do, but the UKRRC claims that Ragdoll cats are especially trusting and not well-equipped to handle the perils found beyond your front door.

Cats may experience a variety of horrible things, and if you love your cat, it might be heartbreaking to have a night when they don’t return home.

Months of seeking may come thereafter, sometimes ending in tragedy and other times never coming to an end.

Ragdoll cats have a tendency to be laid-back, which might put them in danger outside of your house where they are protected.

They can be unable to identify dangers and could unknowingly put themselves in dangerous circumstances.

How Can I Allow My Ragdoll Cat to Experience the Outdoors?

There’s no denying that most cats like being outside, so what are your alternatives if you want to give your furry pet that delight while yet safeguarding it?

Depending on the level of danger you’re willing to accept. Some individuals are content to oversee their Ragdoll’s daily workout.

They are protected from most of the threats mentioned above because this is often done in a completely enclosed yard.

In a garden, predators, people, and cars are unlikely to be an issue, especially if you’re nearby.

Even if you are monitoring, there is still a chance that your cat will escape and get lost. There are other possible risks to take into account.

Some pet owners prefer to use a harness and a leash to train their Ragdolls to explore the outdoors.

Not all cats can handle this, but if yours can, they can socialize with people and other animals without much chance of becoming lost or harmed.

You might like using a leash to stroll your cat!

Building a “catio” is an additional choice (cat patio).

With them, you can let your cat access the garden without having to keep an eye on them or worry that they would get wounded or get lost or start hunting the local fauna.

If you want to let your Ragdoll use a catio unattended, you should routinely inspect it for any indications of wear and tear.

Remember that cats may squeeze through very small openings, so you shouldn’t let an unfamiliar cat roam freely.

They face far more risk than ordinary cats do.

For the first few weeks that your Ragdoll uses a catio, it is advisable to keep an eye on it, especially if you built it yourself.

Keep an eye out for any indications of vulnerability and take steps to secure them.

In order to reduce the likelihood that your cat will go too far if it does manage to escape, you should also keep your garden as safe as you can.


Can a Ragdoll Cat Go Outside?

Ragdoll cats are therefore by nature inside cats, but it’s important to remember that they could occasionally love going outside!

You may keep your cat occupied outside by engaging in a variety of activities without having to worry about him escaping or getting in touch with other animals.

Final Thoughts

Although ragdolls make excellent inside companions, they may still enjoy the odd journey outside.

With a little extra care, you may allow your Ragdoll cat to have the best of both worlds: security inside and adventure outside.

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