Do Hamsters Know What Kisses Are? (EXPLAINED FOR BEGINNERS)

Do Hamsters Know What Kisses Are

Children and pet-deprived individuals of all ages frequently get hamsters as their first pets.

People sometimes worry if their hamster has any feelings because they are nocturnal and reserved.

You might be astonished to learn that hamsters not only like human attention but also thrive in it.

Like other pets, hamsters like their owners, but they express this affection in subtle ways.

They like spending time with their human parents and can form close relationships with them.

Do Hamsters Know What Kisses Are?

In my opinion, no.

I hardly kiss my Syrian since he doesn’t like it, but I have to because they are so adorable and little.

Anyone doing this is advised to do so only if it is on their back or head and never close to their mouths or noses.

Small animals don’t have the strongest immune systems, and human lips actually contain more germs than we realize.

Should I Kiss My Hamster?

You want to offer a huge kiss to a hamster because they are so adorable.

Unfortunately, both you and your pet may become ill as a result.

There are illnesses that humans may contract from hamsters, and hamsters are particularly vulnerable to human pathogens.

The good news is that there are numerous ways to show your furry friend that you care.

You must learn how to show your pet affection while yet keeping both you and your hamster germ-free in order to be a decent pet owner.

Getting Close to Hamsters

It might be difficult to establish a bond with timid hamsters. How you may assist your small companion is as follows:

Show Affection

It’s a wonderful way to express affection to gently stroke your hamster’s fur.

Hamsters enjoy taking naps in shirt pockets or perching on their owners’ shoulders.

Your hamster could get bored living in a little cage. The same water bottle, meal, and wheel are hardly interesting.

Every day, ideally just after he has been awakened from his slumber, good hamster parents will take their pets outside.

He’ll continue to work out and become a little less sour.

Developing Trust

In the beginning, hamsters won’t trust people and could even bite new owners if they are unfamiliar.

It takes time to win a hamster’s trust and form a love relationship. Consider opening the cage so the hamster can smell your hands.

Never try to grasp the animal. Allow him to smell you. Once the hamster climbs into your palm, keep doing this every day.

As soon as your hamster crawls into your palm, give him a gentle pet.

Since hamsters cannot see well, sudden hand movements might startle them. So refrain from moving quickly or making loud noises.

You can put your hamster on once you can hold it without startling it.

Your hamster will eventually come to trust you and anybody else who uses this technique.

Communicate Clearly

Good relationships are thwarted by misunderstandings and uncertainty, so be as precise as you can while communicating with your hamster.

Keep your signals and method for training constantly.

When possible, utilize familiar fragrances rather than visual cues because hamsters pick up on them more quickly.

As soon as they get close to you, speak in a gentle, calm tone. It is beneficial while attempting to earn your hamster’s trust.

To build a stronger link, it’s critical to engage and communicate openly with one another.

Spend Time Together

Sharing experiences is key to a strong relationship. You should invest quality time in fostering your relationship.

Petting and Feeding

The following stage is to pet your hamster once it is more accustomed to your scent.

Treats are the finest tool for this, by far! You may give your hamster a gentle pet while he is busy eating.

The disoriented hamster will begin to associate touch with satisfaction and comfort.

Your hamster will become accustomed to being pet using this technique.

Alternatively, you might hold out a treat or some food for your hamster. Don’t attempt to force-feed your hamster, though.

The act of eating is among the most sociable for tiny animals, therefore using this technique will encourage you to establish a close relationship with your hamster.

Introduce New Caregivers to Your Hamsters Gradually

Begin to say hello to your hamster whenever you feed it, refill its water bottle, or give them a treat.

To avoid startling it, make sure to talk in a casual tone.

Leaving your pet alone with unfamiliar individuals can quickly overwhelm them, so avoid doing so.

Try putting your hand inside the hamster’s habitat if you’re a new caregiver.

Your hamster will become accustomed to the strange smell in this way.

Having Fun Outside of the Habitat

Allow your hamster to exercise and go exploring outside of its enclosure.

On the floor, you may put up a little gated area with food, drink, and toys.

For your tiny animal, you may make mazes and hiding places as well.

Hamsters enjoy playing about in a fitness ball.

Make sure to seal off any little gaps they could crawl through to get stuck.

Ensure that electrical wires and other home risks are taken care of.

Handling Carefully

Many people like snuggling their little pets, but it’s crucial to treat them gently.

Before attempting to snuggle your hamster, become knowledgeable about various methods of handling tiny animals.

Be careful not to strain or hurt your hamster’s delicate body.

Hamsters are easiest to handle when picked up with cupped hands.

It is unsafe and risky to lift your hamster by its tail, legs, or ears.

Your hamster could even crawl into your hands after it feels more at ease around you!

How Can I Tell If My Hamster Likes Me?

Increasing Their Level of Affection for You

Even after you offer your hamster their favorite snacks, if you have their affection, they will hang around with you for a little while longer.

Hamsters are known for their daring behavior.

It’s very normal for them to experiment with other methods for carrying out particular activities, but they won’t do it until they feel comfortable enough with the person they’re speaking to.

So it’s a good sign if you see your hamster grabbing the snacks you gave it as soon as you set it close or inside the cage.

It’s their subtly expressed need to have you around as they enjoy their small bite.

Showing off

The first sign that the hamster likes you is when your furry friend sometimes shows you what they can do.

Hamsters frequently display themselves in this manner if they catch your attention or even if you’re just passing by.

They may even begin interacting with the toys in their cage as soon as you walk into the room, so keep an eye out for that.

Hamsters may move more quickly on the apparatus if they are already having fun with the wheel.

These minor adjustments to their usual behavior are all designed to obliquely suggest to you how much they admire you.

Even yet, they may be inviting you to join them or just watch them play by taking such acts.

Stretching and Yawning

A hamster that yawns and stretches anytime you approach them isn’t bored, despite what it may seem like.

If they aren’t bored, why do they make these motions?

The main reason for such hamster gestures is that they are already comfortable with you.

It’s almost as though they feel secure with you and let you see their frail side.

Therefore, do not feel that you are boring your pet hamster when you notice them yawning and stretching anytime you are close to them.

You shouldn’t be concerned about their strange behavior unless, of course, they are really exhausted.

Trying to Get Noticed

A hamster may also show affection for you by going to great lengths to get your attention.

Hamsters are interested in you if they approach you suddenly.

The hamster will frequently try to establish contact with you if they appreciate you.

Thus, hamsters will run your way even if you only pass by their cage. Who knows, maybe you’ll like to play with this tiny hamster too.

Permits Petting Them

If they like you well enough, any hamster would allow you to pet, snuggle, or just keep them.

If you pay close attention, you’ll discover that it’s simpler to pick them up and pet them. Even if they try to stop you, they won’t.

Even while it seldom happens for most owners, some hamsters may even start to nod off while you’re carrying them.

Therefore, if people do that, it shows that they respect and feel comfortable around you.

But don’t assume that just because a hamster doesn’t want to be handled or kept, it means they don’t like you.

You must remember that every hamster is an individual with a distinctive personality.

So, some people could just not appreciate the sensation of being hugged, while others might occasionally find it enjoyable.

They never will avoid you.

For novice pet owners, a hamster that you have just brought home for the first time will often hide and run from you.

Imagine that they are still adjusting to both your presence and their new surroundings.

Furthermore, as is common knowledge, new experiences—even joyful ones—can be rather stressful.

You needn’t worry about this, though. For the first few days, it’s totally normal for hamsters to be afraid of you.

However, as they get to know you, they’ll hang out with you more often while you’re around.

They won’t be as resistant to your touch as they were when you initially brought them home.

Even the likelihood of the hamster acting aggressively toward you will decrease.

So, throughout the initial days, just persevere and practice patience.

Continue to demonstrate your love for your hamster, and you’ll notice how quickly this tiny furry will open up to you and share its world.

Final Thoughts

You and your hamster should rapidly become best friends with all this new information.
Actually, all that reticentness and aloofness ought to give way to joy and adoration.

And once it does, you won’t ever have to be concerned about maintaining contact with your hamster again!

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