Is Ragdoll a Big Cat? (QUICK FACTS)

Is Ragdoll a Big Cat

Ragdoll cats are undoubtedly a unique breed, but how big are they?

Ragdolls are a very new breed, they were created in the 1960s.

They are a purebred breed that is also gaining popularity as a family-friendly cat.

There are several considerations to make before deciding to bring a Ragdoll into your home.

Is Ragdoll a Big Cat?

Ragdoll cats are big. One of the biggest cat breeds, they may grow up to double the size of the typical domestic cat.

Although Maine Coons can occasionally be a little bigger, they are around the same size.

The typical domestic cat stands between 8 and 10 inches (20 and 25 cm) tall.

Male Ragdoll cats are often twice as tall as domestic cats, ranging in height from 16 inches (40 cm) to 26 inches (66 cm).

Typically, female Ragdoll cats are shorter, standing between 15 inches (38 cm) and 23 inches (58 cm) tall.

Ragdoll cats may be small as kittens, but their size changes with time. They become big.

They are one of the biggest cat breeds, thus they are definitely not thought of as little cats.

They are not seen as aggressive or anything of the type, despite their enormous size.

They are actually rather mellow and submissive. Despite being a little bigger, they are not in the least aggressive.

They are quite submissive and serene.

In most situations, female Ragdolls are substantially smaller than male Ragdolls.

There are men and females of various sizes, of course. However, females will often be smaller than males.

Get a female cat if you want a smaller cat. A male Ragdoll cat is your best bet if you want a bigger cat.

Are Ragdoll Cats Always Large?

Not all Ragdoll cats will develop into being noticeably bigger than the typical household cat.

Since the breed hasn’t been established for very long, kittens from these cats may still inherit characteristics from somewhat older, maybe smaller-sized relatives.

Having said that, Ragdolls do have some rather unique characteristics, especially for such a “young” breed.

They often have broad shoulders and hips, a lengthy, muscular build, and a rather big chest.

They often possess a strong build, a thick, silky coat, wide, round eyes, and fluffy tails.

Actually, the disposition of Ragdoll cats rather than their beauty is one of their distinguishing features.

They were purposefully developed from a cat that would constantly fall limp and relax every time it was lifted up and are renowned to be extremely peaceful and submissive.

They are often highly friendly and a pleasure to handle because this characteristic has been passed down through the generations.

Ragdoll cats are frequently lauded as a wonderful alternative for those who typically have a stronger connection to dogs and puppies than cats and kittens.

How Long Does a Ragdoll Cat Take to Reach Its Full Size?

A Ragdoll cat matures to its full size in around 4 years.

That is a long time of development compared to domestic cats and even the majority of other cat breeds.

For the gentle giant to reach its full potential, time is necessary.

However, it reaches the majority of its adult size at the age of one and a half years. From that point on, it keeps expanding gradually.

Their larger size makes ragdoll cats much cozier.

Ragdoll cats have a really gentle and loving attitude, and they also come in a size that makes them quite cuddly—almost teddy-bear like.

They are wonderful to cuddle with and hug.

They are experts at unwinding, the epitome of comfort, and their size only serves to increase the appeal of attachment.

Just make sure to grip them firmly with both hands to provide them enough support when being carried or held.

Ragdoll Cats Stop Growing at What Age?

Ragdolls mature as a breed of cat far later than any other adult cat, at about 3–4 years.

A Ragdoll kitten will grow at a comparable rate to a domestic cat throughout the first 12 weeks of its life.

A Ragdoll kitten normally weighs between 1 pound, 13 ounces, and 2 pounds, 3 ounces at the age of 8 weeks.

By the 12-week point, it is anticipated that they will have risen to 3 to 4 pounds.

At five months old, Ragdoll kittens frequently have a growth spurt, so be ready to give them more food during this period.

Until they are 12 months old, ragdoll kittens typically gain 1 pound every month.

The majority of kittens typically cease growing between the ages of 8 and 16 months, depending on the breed.

Ragdoll cats are an exception to this rule since they take three to four years to attain their maximum size.

Maintain a Healthy Weight for Your Ragdoll Cat

It’s crucial to prevent your Ragdoll Cat from being overweight.

Although the Ragdoll is a huge, chiseled breed with a semi-long coat, this is not and should not imply that it is obese.

It might be challenging to detect extra weight behind their lengthy hair. An overweight Ragdoll cat is unhealthy.

Ragdoll cats as a breed are predisposed to cardiac problems due to their inherent size, thus any extra fat is extremely harmful to them.

A healthy-weighted Ragdoll should have a long, well-built body beneath its fur, without additional padding along the rib cage.

A Ragdoll Cat, like other cats, is regarded as an adult at the age of 12 months.

From that point on, the amount of food they are provided must be controlled.

They are no longer in need of the additional calories needed for development.

By limiting their food consumption and giving your Ragdoll plenty of opportunity for active play, you can keep your feline buddy at a healthy weight.

Many Owners Do Let Their Ragdolls Grow Too Big

You may be perplexed by the majority of other Ragdoll owners online and in person because it is so typical to allow these plush infants to get too plush!

Prepare yourself to disagree with other Ragdoll aficionados on how to care for them. It may be really annoying.

Always trust your experienced veterinarian to advise you on the proper weight and feeding schedule for your specific Ragdoll.

Even while going against the grain might be challenging, the usual is not always correct.

The most essential thing is that your Ragdoll will thank you.

Keep in mind that the ideal Ragdoll cat weight ranges from 10-15 pounds for females and from 20 pounds for certain males.

Even this norm might change based on the Ragdoll you have.

Ask your veterinarian for advice on what foods are best for your Ragdoll cat.

The size of ragdoll cats makes them an extremely attractive breed.

But despite its attraction, this quality might create some particular difficulties.

What Weight Should My Ragdoll Cat Have?

Looking at the typical height and weight of any breed of cat may cause you to feel anxious or worried about how your own kitten will grow.

But don’t worry, there’s no hard and fast rule about how much a Ragdoll cat ought to weigh at any particular age.

You could just have a larger or smaller Ragdoll than the norm as every kitten and cat is entirely unique.

Their general health and if they are growing at a healthy rate for their size are the things you should be monitoring.

You should take your Ragdoll to the vet if, throughout the first year or two of their growth, they regularly gain less than 0.5 pounds each month.

They could merely be late bloomers, but they also could be malnourished, infected with a parasite, or unwell in some other way.

What About Ragdoll Kittens

Many purebred Ragdoll breeders prefer to wait until the kittens are 12 weeks old, while other owners choose to bring their kittens home at 8 weeks.

Kittens often get along well with their new family at this time and are no longer dependent on their moms.

A Ragdoll kitten’s weight at 8 weeks of age will probably range from 1 pound, 13 ounces to 2 pounds, 3 ounces.

By 12 weeks, this had risen to somewhere between 3 and 4 pounds.

The Ragdoll kittens are therefore identical to other kittens at this time but will grow to be taller and heavier than the typical domestic cat.

Many Ragdoll kittens experience a period of peak development around the age of five months, so be prepared to increase their food intake during this time.

Their growth will then start to slow down after that.

As a general rule, your Ragdoll kitten should gain one pound up to the age of 12 months for every month that passes.

They cannot adequately defend themselves due to their size.

We all often believe that a larger animal can protect itself better than a smaller one, yet the Ragdoll cat’s size defies this logic.

They are so docile and trusting that they are vulnerable to damage or attack.

Because Ragdolls are also quiet cats, you might not even be aware that your dear cat is in danger, making it impossible for you to intervene.

Never allow them outside or leave them unattended with pets, kids, or others you don’t trust to treat them gently.

Final Thoughts

When a Ragdoll cat reaches adulthood, which can take up to four years, they normally weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.

Although this is not always the case, adult males are frequently substantially heavier than girls.

When fully grown, ragdoll cats typically measure between 16 and 22 inches in length and 8 to 12 inches tall.

Though there is no set size or weight for a Ragdoll cat, you shouldn’t be too concerned if yours is somewhat larger or smaller than the breed standard.

Raising cats is one of the most enjoyable experiences because of how distinctive and wonderful each individual becomes.

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